Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate during the various Covid-19 Alert Levels?

Yes.  We are able to operate in a contactless environment, throughout all alert levels.  We are only restricted by the supply chain of our warehouses/suppliers.  Some of which are classed as essential services.

What do I get from receiving the Specials?

Our Specials are a monthly e-mail containing various specials available for that month. These specials are available to everyone with access to the website.

In addition to the monthly e-mail there are Clearance Sales for various ranges of products, depending on the warehouse stocks. Some recent sales have had upto 80% off the regular price. These sales are sporadic through the year.
These sales are not available to everyone, only those who receive Our Specials.

If you wish to be a recipient of Our Specials, simply tick the Specials box in the Enquiry screen of any product.

What are my branding options?

Branding options vary from one product to the next. Whether it be screen printed, pad printed, engraved, embossed, embroidered, or digital, we recommend looking at each product and quote individually. This way we can gather the information we need in order to provide accurate quotes whilst offering the best branding options.

How can I save on branding?

Generally speaking, set up fees should be taken into consideration, as they are set costs no matter how many units are being branded. Depending on the type of branding, set up fees are generally dependant on the number of colours, and positions.
However, the various forms of branding available do have their own ways of saving you money, these are as follows:

  • Printing - Savings can be made by simply reducing the number of colours and positions you wish to print. The fewer - the cheaper
  • Embroidery - This is based on a 'per stitch' basis, therefore, the fewer stitches required, the cheaper the embroidery
  • Engraving - Size and number of engraving positions are the defining factors with engraving. Smaller and fewer positions work out to be cheaper
  • Embossing - Again, size and number of positions - the fewer - the cheaper. Note that embossing is often best on higher quantities, as block charges can work out expensive when spread across lower quantities

We do offer Resin Coated Labels, which are a great option when branding on varying product types, as they are supplied on sheets, and have a variety of sizes available. They are also digitally printed, so whether you have a 1 colour or multiple colour logo, the cost is still the same, and there is only 1 set up fee per size, and per piece of artwork.